Project structure

CUBES Circle

CUBES Circle is a research project with an interdisciplinary consortium of researchers and partners with expertise in industry, production, consulting and commerce.

It is part of the initiative Agricultural Systems of the Future under the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany and supported by Projekttr├Ąger J├╝lich (PtJ).

CUBES Circle has a duration of five years. The beginning of the project was in 2019.

CUBES Circle has five project phases:

I-II. Planning and construction phase

III. Production and initialisation of the system

IV. Closing of the iterative circle and replacement of the software with industry standards

V. Validation phase: Model-based optimisation and control of the system

The scientific work is carried out in 9 Subprojects (SPs):

  • Subproject 1 investigates the project from a holistic perspective while considering the individual innovations as well as their interplay within the CUBES Circle.

  • The SP 2, 3 and 4 represent the modular production entities of the CUBES Circle. Plants, insects and fish are produced in container-based entities.

  • The methods for regulating the CUBES Circle will be designed in Subproject 5 .

  • Subproject 6 has the task of connecting the single entities in regard to material and energy to a common production system, the CUBES Circle.

  • The efficiency of nutrient fluxes between the different trophic levels is the objective of Subproject 7 evaluiert.

  • In Subproject 8 the application- and location-specific innovation systems, as well as interactive design aspects will ensure a fast diffusion of the CUBES innovation.

  • Subproject 9 organises the consortium that represents the CUBES Circle.